Landscape Maintenance

Even our basic maintenance program is fairly comprehensive.  Mowing the grass; edging the sidewalks, driveways and flower beds; string trimming; and blowing debris off hard surfaces will be done approximately 40 times per year.  rom April until November service will be weekly.  From November through March service will be bi-weekly.

Bushes, shrubs, small trees palm trees under 16 feet in height will be trimmed on a regular basis, usually once every 5-6 weeks.  Trimming is done using general guidlines set forth by the Florida Department of Agriculture.  However, special trimming requests can be made.  Trimming hedges over 6 feet in height usually cost extra.  Staking trees can be done by the mow crew and usually cost a litlle extra just to cover the costs.  Weed control in flowerbeds will be done on a reqular basis, usually once a week if the weather is permitting.  We hand pull and use a variety of chemicals to control weeds.  The more popular chemicals used are Round-Up, Image, Fusillade, Pre-M and Snatshop.


We use the top-of-the-line quipment with trained personnel to mow, edge, and trim your lawn around 40 times per year.  During the winter months growth slows and weekly mowing is not needed.


We recycle around 50,000 compacted cubic feet of material per year into compost that is used by a third party vendor to create compost.

Equipment  We Use

We use state-of-the-art Exmark Mowers with Mulching blades and mower decks.  This pulverizes the cliggings and puts them back into the soil for added nutrients for the turf.  Mulching decks also help eliminate shooting the grass clippings into the flowerbeds.

Our trimmers, edges and blowers are made by Stihl.  These machines are also top of the line, designed to withstand the rigors of commercial lawn care and the same time taking into consideration minimal carbon and noise polution.