Basketgrass is a weed that shows up only in the summer and dies off in the winter.  It only grows in shady areas of the turf and flowerbeds.  In flower beds, you can spray roundup or other non-selective weed killers.  Then apply a thick (2-3 inches) of mulch.  But since it is considered grass, there is no chemical control in St. Augustine grass.  

Some ways to help Control Baksetgrass in St. Augustine Turf:

  •     Keep your mowing eight very tall, around 4.5 – 5 inches.
  • Mow shady areas less often.
  • Trim the canopy of the trees to allow more light on turf.  
  • Basket grass will not grow in Direct sunlight.

The above is especially true in the winter months.  This is the time when Baskegrass dies off or goes dormant.  If you can get the St. Augustine grass to fill and increase its density, the less likely basket grass will come back in the following summer.

The following are two pictures I just took yesterday.  This stuff is everywhere.  The link is someone else’s blog from UF and IFAS.